Emperor Constantine is identified in Revelation as 666

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Published: 10th May 2013
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The mystery of the identity of 666 has been going around for almost 2,000 years. There would hardly be a person alive who has not been intrigued by it. It has been related to the devil, the anti-Christ and just about everything adverse to religion and particularly to the Catholic Church. It is something that crossed my mind a few times but never worried me unduly.í

One morning while dressing this message stood in large capital letters in the air before my face. CONSTANTINE IS 666. Visions were not strange to me and with full memory of my last death and reincarnation my knowledge of the Spirit was a gift carried forward. Between lives an awareness of a special job coming my way was with me. A line representing my next life was drawn out and the age of 45 was highlighted on it.

At that time things happened that changed everything. The first was being commissioned to go out to the people and bring back the young. Three visions followed along with healing of my sinus problem that had been with me from the age of three. After that other commissions were also given and one of these was to take God off the cross. Without knowing how this could be accomplished it was not long after that the above message was given.

With a great deal of knowledge already learned during this life my research became focused on Emperor Constantine. The Spirit was leading and guiding me to discover more and incredible things were shown to me. Books opened at pages where information could be had automatically and for two years the bible hardly left my hands as it revealed an amazing deception and the identity of 666.

From cover to cover the Spirit took me through it, over and again, until the differences between what it had told to Israel and what was inserted from manís brains became apparent. Color coding of passages brought the information to life. In the Old Testament prophecies the Spirit laid out exactly what life is about and how we are being led into a situation where the world will change as the end of days draw near.

Behind it all is the work of Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and invented Jesus Christ as its prophet. He did this at the Council of Nicaea that comprised all sun-worshiping religious people from around his empire. He modeled Christ on Krishna, the third person of the Indian Vedic Trinity, and called it God. He used that Trinity to change the nature of God and to hide the Spirit.

Revelation 13:14-18 notes of him that he had the power to create the image of the one with the wound by the sword that did live. He also gave it a voice so that it could appear to be speaking for God and he forced all, both big and small, to worship the image he put forward or be killed. He built the Vatican and a parliament of men to control the branches, parishes, diocese, and such that grew in the areas he needed to enforce his power.

It also notes that he is the one numbered 666 and the more research undertaken by me the deeper the understanding of the consequences of his actions. The church he created grew into all of Christianity and other religious groups as well. It has forced itself over the world and it is responsible for wars, terror, genocide and too many things to list here.

He put God on the cross because people think of Jesus Christ as the divine. But you canít crucify spirit and his conspiracy was cemented in place when Jerome compiled the New Testament at the end of the 4th CAD.


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